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IPv4Leasing aims to specifically meet the IPv4 address needs of companies and enterprises running mission-critical IT systems and networks that must not be jeopardized by the growing scarcity of these IPv4 addresses. Our main area of expertise is to provide IPv4 addresses for lease on a long-term basis, ensuring peace of mind to our customers.

We have relationships and covenants with companies that have acquired large pools of IPv4 space that is not in use (and is planned not to be in use in the significant future), to manage that space by leasing it out to those companies that need it to grow their businesses.

Our team has long-term expertise working with all the 5 IP number registries (RIRs) and will work with customers from all over the world. We have already added several multi-national and international customers to our portfolio and our commitment remains to ensure growth and continuity of our customers’ IP networks.

IPv4 Address Leasing

We lease blocks of IPv4 address space to any company worldwide. Block sizes range from /24 (256 IP addresses) to /16 (65536 IP addresses)

IPv4 Address Transfers

For IPv4 addresses transfers, our experts own the process of dealing with all the requirements and appropriate partners

IPv4 Address Ownership

For companies wishing to own their IPv4 addresses, we advise you about the appropriate options available to you

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IPv4Leasing provides IP address leasing services to some of the well known and established IT and telecommunications companies

Have Questions?

We thought you'd like to ask one of the following questions. Most visitors do.
Is the leasing of IPv4 addresses legal?
Yes. Companies that opt to lease their unused IPv4 address space can do so freely to anyone. There are no known legal restrictions in any economy, region or continent that prohibit a company wishing to lease out its blocks from doing so.
Where does IPv4Leasing get its IP address blocks?
IPv4Leasing has direct covenants with companies that own large pools of address space but do not use most or all of that space. We manage this space and deal with leasing clients directly. Our covenants have been established to most importantly protect the long-term business interests of our customers.
Can I own the leased IP addresses?
We shall deal with the registrant of the IP addresses and establish whether permanent ownership can be transferred. However, depending on the location of the registrant company and our client, sometimes ownership transfer may not be possible because of the policies governing the administration of IP addresses in the two locations. Our team of experts will evaluate all possibilities and provide the best possible solution for our clients.
What is your policy against IP address misuse?
We have a zero-tolerance policy to clients that will deploy our leased IP addresses towards illegal activities. Our legal team is always prepared to handle such cases in the strictest terms possible.
Do you assist with other services such as reverse DNS delegation and usage of an Internet Routing Registry?
Yes. Please contact us for assistance with any other services and we shall be more than glad to assist you.